When I think of what has influenced me the most throughout this class and how my perceptions have changed I am reminded of the times when I was little and would collect sticks and various other items to make some kind of "fort" outside. My sister and I would go around to collect different things... Continue Reading →

CJ #3: Fitting together..

When I begin to think of what Outdoor Education has been for me I have often been reminded of our colonial past/present with one simple worldview. We are often taught about the culture that relates most often to European ways of living and knowing only. When I think about what I have learned thus far... Continue Reading →

Eco-literacy Braid

For my poem, I wanted to connect to something deeper, the stories and connections to the world and nature around us. Someone who is eco-literate has a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness that surrounds us and actively seeks ways of changing for the better. They understand that the land is “ours to foster” and it... Continue Reading →

Ecoliteracy Poem

What is visible to the invisible eye? How can we truly hear the stories rooted deep within? The land, water, trees, mountains around us are ours to foster. Can this land sustain us or will we be responsible for destroying all that nurtures us? We must reflect in its beauty, which surrounds us with harmony... Continue Reading →

CJ #2: Leap into Action!

  For my "powerful acts to the land" I have decided to grow my own vegetable, fruit and herb garden. I think that it is important to grow your own vegetables to avoid all the harmful pesticides and chemicals they put on the ones at the major grocery stores but also as a way to... Continue Reading →

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