Leap into Action!

For my “powerful acts to the land” I have decided to grow my own vegetable, fruit and herb garden. I think that it is important to grow your own vegetables to avoid all the harmful pesticides and chemicals they put on the ones at the major grocery stores but also as a way to save money on produce as well.

I also think its an important practice to teach my son how to garden and how important fresh vegetables are and how he can learn to take care of the garden alongside me.

By growing my own vegetable garden I am hoping to contribute to a healthier planet and also reducing the largest carbon footprint, the components required for conventional methods of consuming food.

For my image I took a couple pictures just after I had planted my garden which includes: lettuce, onions, peas, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeños and herbs.


How do we create moments instead of teaching in the moment?

32470967_10160337584440511_3313443251683328000_n“The land is the real teacher. All we need as students is mindfulness. Paying attention is a form of reciprocity with the living world” (Kimmerer, 2013, p. 222). 

As a future educator I do feel as though we need to create moments to teach not teach in the moment. I know it may seem as though teaching is something where you need to follow a specific curriculum and do as they tell you per say but I also feel like it is unto us to create opportunities to teach through actions.

What I mean by this is that teaching children about the environment should be taught in the environment, kids learning hands on the how and what about ecology. The world is theirs to explore and that is truly what they should do. It is important to pay attention to the living world around us and be able to give back to it in some way.

For myself I have often learned through moments and remembered through creating those moments to remember. The things I often think back on are those that have brought meaning to my life. When I was asked to gather things that for me represented the environment I was instantly drawn to past experiences where I was able to create memories of things happening in the environment I was in. For example when I was teaching kids yoga the things that stuck out in my mind were those moments where the kids had those moments to explore themselves not the moments where I gave them instructions and they had to do things my way. They had their own experiences of what the instruction was and that is what they will remember. The moments where I was able to explore nature around me were some of the moments I cherish most. Being able to truly soak in the beauty of the world around me and appreciate the small things. To be thankful for what I have been given and my own abilities to see the world and appreciate it.