Spanish Update: Week One

Well this learning a language online has been a little more overwhelming than I thought it would be. I have been trying to stay consistent in what I am doing but I think it is time to change it up seeing as I am not feeling confident I will have a grasp on the language by the end of the next few weeks at the rate I am going. Much like the video down below I have high hopes so we shall see what next week brings!!!:)

After practicing on Duolingo this week and also watching some basic Spanish videos I have decided I need to add more tools in order to progress my learning. I have found a few things for moving forward in this project…..

Numero Uno: I am going to try to listen to more Spanish music, whether that means listening and then having the subtitles on so I know what they are saying and then I have a better understating of the song. I am also going to go back to basics with my learning… starting with the kindergarten basic Hola! Buenos Dias songs the kids would probably learn in Kindergarten but in Spanish! I think the best way to learn something is start back at where we first began to learn… kindergarten, music and learning seems basic right? We shall see….

Numero Dos: I have found a few ways to connect to people who are also wanting to learn a language and can possibly help me to learn Spanish. I am hoping to be able to practice with others so that I am able to understand fully the language and how the rules should be applied when speaking. I know there are lots of different ways of saying things in Spanish based on if the word is feminine or masculine so I plan on having support of people who are fluent in the language to help me with that!

Numero Tres: Mi Vida Loca. I have found this really interesting website with interactive videos to help you learn Spanish. I am hoping to continue with a few episodes next week in hopes to improve my understanding of the language even more.

Numero Cuattro: I plan to try and watch some Spanish movies online, perhaps movies I have watched or know and then translate to Spanish…

We shall see how the week goes! Stay tuned…..


Tweeting and the world of Twitter!!

This week we were introduced to the world of Twitter and all things Twitter had to offer. We jumped in so quick and joined a SKED Chat in our class on Thursday which really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of Twitter and how people can connect and share their ideas. It was interesting to have individuals coming together to explore different topics regarding education and whether the classrooms could go paperless. The idea of a paperless classroom seems to be a great idea, even just simple things like reducing the amount of paper you use within your classrooms and how the effects of that could be influential. Although at times during the chat I felt as though I couldn’t quite keep up to everything that was going on, or that I needed another computer screen just to see everything open I eventually caught on by the end and was really excited to have been able to participate in this type of event.

I am looking forward to progressing with my Twitter and “tweets” as we learn more over the next few weeks. This is an interesting tool and a new way of thinking of how we can connect and come together to have meaningful conversations together!

About Me

Welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by!

My name is Savannah and I am currently finishing my first year in the Education program at the University of Regina in the Elementary program. Prior to attending the University of Regina I worked as an Educational Assistant with the Regina Public Schools at a French Immersion School. I also worked at Montessori School of Regina for three years as a Teachers Assistant in a lower elementary classroom where I also had the privilege to plan their summer camp program for two consecutive years.  This past summer I was able to plan my own summer program for kids to teach them ways to incorporate yoga and mindfulness into their lives.

When I am not at school I am a busy mom to a ten year old son named Naveo, who is very involved in various sports  his favourite being hockey. I also teach children’s yoga programs on my own through the community centres in the city. I love to stay active whenever I have the chance I love practicing yoga, running and playing beach volleyball.

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