Contributing to Class Learning

Well, Katia did say the day would come where we would be overwhelmed with the end of the year and need to stay on top of things and here we are. I can't believe we are done our semester of EDTC300! I feel grateful for this class and the community we have built of like-minded... Continue Reading →


Summary of Learning EDTC300

I am excited to share my summary of learning with you! Here is the video I created for our final EDTC300 project. Hope you like it! Here is the script we used for our interview: For my Summary of learning, I thought long and hard of how I could present my learning in a... Continue Reading →


Welcome to the world of coding, or as I like to call it designing your own video game! This seems like a unique concept for kids to be able to try and make their own games or "coding" of certain things online. I tried a few different ones and they seem relatively easy but I... Continue Reading →

When I think of what has influenced me the most throughout this class and how my perceptions have changed I am reminded of the times when I was little and would collect sticks and various other items to make some kind of "fort" outside. My sister and I would go around to collect different things... Continue Reading →

Debating Technology in the Classroom

  This week  Kyla Wolfe and I collaborated on using technology in the classroom! We came up with a realistic conversation where Kyla was the teacher and I was a concerned parent in a situation regarding technology in the classroom. As you will see from the conversation the teacher was incorporating technology into the classroom and the... Continue Reading →

Virtual Reality

When it comes to students "Digital identity" we are reminded that they live in a world of "virtual reality" where they build their lives around their own experiences in the real world as if it shapes their identity. Most children nowadays were probably given some form of technology before the age of 10 and therefore... Continue Reading →

Digital Identities

This week we had an experiment to do some "Digital Sleuthing"  or one may say stalking of a member in our class. I spent some time seeing what was out there on the internet about Anthea Holczer and I wasn't too surprised by the results by any means! Anthea seems like a really great person and... Continue Reading →

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