Spanish Update: Week One

Well, this learning a language online has been a little more overwhelming than I thought it would be. I have been trying to stay consistent in what I am doing but I think it is time to change it up seeing as I am not feeling confident I will have a grasp on the language by the end of the next few weeks at the rate I am going. Much like the video down below I have high hopes so we shall see what next week brings!!!:)

After practicing on Duolingo this week and also watching some basic Spanish videos I have decided I need to add more tools in order to progress my learning. I have found a few things for moving forward in this project…..

Numero Uno: I am going to try to listen to more Spanish music, whether that means listening and then having the subtitles on so I know what they are saying and then I have a better understating of the song. I am also going to go back to basics with my learning… starting with the kindergarten basic Hola! Buenos Dias songs the kids would probably learn in Kindergarten but in Spanish! I think the best way to learn something is start back at where we first began to learn… kindergarten, music and learning seems basic right? We shall see….

Numero Dos: I have found a few ways to connect to people who are also wanting to learn a language and can possibly help me to learn Spanish. I am hoping to be able to practice with others so that I am able to understand fully the language and how the rules should be applied when speaking. I know there are lots of different ways of saying things in Spanish based on if the word is feminine or masculine so I plan on having support of people who are fluent in the language to help me with that!

Numero Tres: Mi Vida Loca. I have found this really interesting website with interactive videos to help you learn Spanish. I am hoping to continue with a few episodes next week in hopes to improve my understanding of the language even more.

Numero Cuattro: I plan to try and watch some Spanish movies online, perhaps movies I have watched or know and then translate to Spanish…

We shall see how the week goes! Stay tuned…..


5 thoughts on “Spanish Update: Week One

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  1. Hey Savannah,
    Great post! It sounds like you have found some really good resources to help you learn Spanish. Good for you for trying to learn a new language – what an accomplishment it will be!


  2. Hola! I am have also chosen Spanish for my EDTC 300 learning project. I agree with you that learning a language online is challenging but I love your ideas/tools for moving forward. I am going to incorporate some of them in my learning going forward as well. We will have to exchange notes next week! Thanks for such an honest and informative post.

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