Eco-literacy Braid

For my poem, I wanted to connect to something deeper, the stories and connections to the world and nature around us. Someone who is eco-literate has a deeper understanding of the interconnectedness that surrounds us and actively seeks ways of changing for the better. They understand that the land is “ours to foster” and it... Continue Reading →


Semana Dos: Español

Hola!! Buenas Tardes and Welcome to Semana Dos: My Journey of Spanish This week I was very dedicated to my Duolingo App and practiced every day. I felt like I didn't get as far as I would have liked but I am making progress. I am going to continue practicing every day and hope that... Continue Reading →

Class Dojo: Creating a Classroom Culture

I have chosen to explore the app and website called Class Dojo. If you haven't already heard about this amazing classroom tool, you need to check it out! I heard about ClassDojo this past semester while I was at a school during my field experience. I noticed the teacher would use this tool several times in... Continue Reading →

Ecoliteracy Poem

What is visible to the invisible eye? How can we truly hear the stories rooted deep within? The land, water, trees, mountains around us are ours to foster. Can this land sustain us or will we be responsible for destroying all that nurtures us? We must reflect in its beauty, which surrounds us with harmony... Continue Reading →

Spanish Update: Week One

Well, this learning a language online has been a little more overwhelming than I thought it would be. I have been trying to stay consistent in what I am doing but I think it is time to change it up seeing as I am not feeling confident I will have a grasp on the language... Continue Reading →

Tweeting and the world of Twitter!!

This week we were introduced to the world of Twitter and all things Twitter had to offer. We jumped in so quick and joined a SKED Chat in our class on Thursday which really opened my eyes to the many possibilities of Twitter and how people can connect and share their ideas. It was interesting... Continue Reading →

CJ #2: Leap into Action!

  For my "powerful acts to the land" I have decided to grow my own vegetable, fruit and herb garden. I think that it is important to grow your own vegetables to avoid all the harmful pesticides and chemicals they put on the ones at the major grocery stores but also as a way to... Continue Reading →

About Me

Welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by! My name is Savannah and I am currently finishing my first year in the Education program at the University of Regina in the Elementary program. Prior to attending the University of Regina I worked as an Educational Assistant with the Regina Public Schools at a French Immersion School.... Continue Reading →

My learning Project is…..

Hola!! I am really excited that part of this class will be a learning project, I actually had a really hard deciding what my learning project would be but after much deliberation, I have decided... For my learning project I decided that I would like to learn another language. I have always been intrigued by... Continue Reading →

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