Reading Response #2

In Indigenous culture, circular connection is extremely important to life. Everything is connected. When we think about a circle, we think a circle is never ending; one line going around and around again. Thinking about everyone in terms of a circle means no one is better than the other, everyone is equally important. A circle... Continue Reading →



I have had a lot of time to process what the future will look like, by being an older adult returning to University later, it’s been fourteen years since I graduated from High school. Therefore, there has been a lot of planning for what the future looks like. Immediately after High school I wasn’t sure... Continue Reading →


Looking back on my life has allowed me to realize that there are several things that have influenced me to become a teacher. Each one has led me to realize that teaching is the career I am most passionate about and knowing I am at the place I am meant to be in this moment.... Continue Reading →

Reading Response #3

Reading Response: Muffins for Granny video In order to paint a picture of the Indigenous history, there must be some truth telling in our history. We often have only heard of one side of the story from the European colonizer when it comes to our history. We often have these misunderstandings or stereotypes when it... Continue Reading →

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